I am home-based in San Rafael, California, fifteen miles north of San Francisco.

I can provide entertainment — including sound reinforcement equipment — for small
or medium-size gatherings (under 200 people). Typically, these are private parties,
bars, clubs, and restaurants. I can deliver myself with a piano, myself with a piano
and bass, or myself with a piano, bass, and drums.  Additional players, for musical
color — such as a trumpet/flugelhorn, saxophone, or guitar — can be added.

My fees are based on the number of musicians accompanying me, the distance we
have to travel, and what is provided to us in the areas of food and lodging.

I charge a minimum fee for every configuration.  For the minimum fee I will perform
two sets, each 45-50-minutes in length.  Additional sets cost 30% of the base price.

Additional compensation for travel time beyond twenty-miles from San Rafael
is based on mileage, per person, regardless of the length of the performance.

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